Is it time to finish your book?

You aren’t sure what to do next?

Burton Laine can help to guide you at any stage of the writing, editing and publishing process.


If you are writing a memoire, devotional, children’s book, academic paper or other project, sometimes you can hit a roadblock. Burton can evaluate your progress, make recommendations on next steps and help complete the writing, if needed.

Once the book is done, there are promotional steps. Burton can help you write your website, blog posts, newsletters, magazine feature stories and press releases.


Editing is imperative to a final, well-crafted product. It’s a step that can’t be missed.

After you have completed your own author self edit, it’s time to move to that step. Burton can provide a substantive edit or final edit on your nonfiction or fiction book, including such projects as a memoire, devotional book, academic paper or children’s book.

He can also help edit the promotional projects of your website, blog posts, newsletters, magazine feature stories and press releases.

Independent Publishing Coaching

Burton started in the book publishing business in the 1990s and has continued through today when he independently publishes his own books and works as a magazine editor. The process has totally changed over the years, and he’s seen every step along the way.

If you are in the early stage of deciding to independently publish or are ready to go through the final steps, Burton can coach you through the process to save you invaluable time.


Burton enjoys speaking at virtual and in-person events. A natural storyteller, he engages the audience with his stories from the farm when speaking on the Holy Spirit. With over 40 years of experience he gives practical examples of projects when speaking on writing, photography or publishing. His stories about our elders inspires us as he uses a vibrant photo presentation from his magazine feature stories to demonstrate significance in the second half of life.


Projects can be quoted on an hourly basis, like coaching consulting, or on an entire project basis for writing or editing.

Contact Burton using the contact form on this website. Provide details of your needs and contact information.

Speaking fees and travel to a conference are negotiated, and often conference registration and making books available for sale can be substituted for a speaking fee.

Encouraging writers through editing and coaching to achieve their publishing goals.