Arya The Protector is a story of overcoming fear, and how a wonderful sheep dog protects a flock of sheep, much like God protects us as His sheep.

Recommended by the Englewood Book Review as one of the top three children's books of 2020 to help start spiritual conversations.

In the book a grandfather has a discussion with his grandson about fear. The grandfather relates a story about how the sheep on their farm have no fear because of Arya, the shepherd dog. As a co-shepherd on the farm, Arya lives with the sheep and provides a presence that makes the sheep feel secure and protected.

The rich photographs of the farm tell the story about how Arya protects the sheep in all situations and weather conditions. The photographs of Arya growing up from a puppy and as an adult watching over lambs are sure to keep the attention of children.

In the end, the young boy understands he can feel he's living a life of safety and is more confident because God is protecting him, just as Arya protects the sheep. In this time children are experiencing fear because they have had their lives turned upside down. Their school life and social lives have changed. Many family vacations and birthday parties have been cancelled. Burton hopes that Arya The Protector will gently encourage important conversations about God's protection.

I love how simple the story is, and yet how powerful that we can be peaceful like the sheep, because we know God is protecting us, just like Arya. I read this story the other night as I was going to sleep and I felt so peaceful after reading it! Your photos totally make this story come alive.

-Melanie Blake, former church youth worker

God's care becomes concrete and easier to understand thanks to a faithful farm dog's story and Burton Laine's photographs in Arya: The Protector. The simple book is profound and beautiful, and will be a useful conversation starter about how God protects God's children.

-Erin Wasinger, writer, speaker and kid's books advocate

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