Nature Activities For Children

Nature Activities For Children. Do These With Friends, Families and Small Groups

Nature activities can be done outside or inside (if necessary) to increase the awareness of what God has created for us to appreciate, use, and be wise stewards. These activities may simply increase the awareness of the out-of-doors or they may present in-depth teaching of a specific topic. The activities should arouse curiosity for nature in the participants. A greater understanding of our environment and how all of God’s creation is intertwined is another benefit of nature programs. God has created so many wonders for us and nature programs are a way to begin to understand those wonders. The best way to learn about nature is through direct participation.

A vast majority of the children live in an urban setting; an environment that does not naturally lend itself to exploring the out-of-doors. By doing nature programs, you are arousing their interest in exploring nature by exposing them to new ways of looking at their surroundings. What a wonderful gift to give both God and the child. These activities are written to be done with a group of children in a camp setting. They translate well to a birthday party, or can be adapted for a parent to do with one child. They can be done in a back yard, or in a public park.

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